In class we also discussed the deeper meaning of quotes as well as the deeper meaning of life. We discussed this during the “Wayfinding” exhibit by Chloe Bass. An example of this would be in her piece when Bass states “How much of life is coping”. With this being said it seems as if the question is a simple one with an easy answer. However as we get to think about the question we realize that there are multiple ways to answer the question as well as many ways that the question can be interpreted. To add on to that the quote relates to the idea of “Self and Other” this is because the topic that we talk about varies based off of each person’s own life experiences however even with those experiences that no one else can relate to we are able to come together and understand why someone feels the same way about the idea that is being discussed as well as why some people might think differently than the way that we think about it. In the exhibit Bass also states “How much of love is attention”. This also relates to the main idea of the course which is “Self and Other” since we are posed with more questions that do not have definitive answers